We are an honest, agile and
competitive power trading team

And we are hungry for success. Every day.

We are an honest, agile and competitive power trading team

And we are hungry for success. Every day.

Successful power trading delivered
by dedicated experts

We ask questions. We learn from our mistakes. We strive for success.

PowerMart is a Danish power trading house founded in 2014. Our focus is on proprietary trading, and we operate in all major grids across Europe. Our team consists of dedicated and competitive traders with extensive experience from major Eurpean trading houses and utilities.

A well-established network of partners throughout Europe, provides us with the margin we need to deliver successful results. And a cutting-edge and solid software solutions set-up optimises our operational procedures, allowing our trading team to focus on what they do best: buying and selling the power at the right time.

We love the competitiveness that we find in the energy trading business, and we are competing against the best. We succeed because we bring our personalities into play, and we believe in freedom, responsibility and team spirit.

PowerMart  Aps | Åboulevarden 17, 3. |  8000 Århus C, Denmark | Email: info@powermart.eu | Phone: +45 77 34 40 14

PowerMart  Aps | Åboulevarden 17, 3.
 8000 Århus C, Denmark | Email: info@powermart.eu
Phone: +45 77 34 40 14