Dragan is Partner and has been part of PowerMart since 2015. With a master’s degree in Finance and International Business from Aarhus University and over 15 years of trading experience, Dragan is in charge of our Intraday Team, but he still trades himself, simply because he can’t help it, and we get why. Who can?

To Dragan, his most important task is to ensure that his team’s got everything they need, so they can focus on what really matters – trading, of course. Only the best is good enough, and no compromises can be made when it comes to equipment, food, or internet connection.

Competition is what’s most important – apart from winning competitions. In Dragan’s mind, that’s what life is all about, but winning is nothing if it isn’t a team effort and if nobody is having fun while doing so. We depend on each other every day and to Dragan, it is important always to listen and learn from one another.

Clearly, Dragan has an impressive trading career, but he’s also got quite an impressive football career. He is a former member of the Yugoslavian U16 and U17 National Team and has won national college soccer championships in America. Afterwards, he started building his leadership skills as coach in Chicago, USA. Dragan is still very active and continues to beat his own records whenever he goes for a run, but nothing beats being together with his family.

Dragan lives with his wife and their two daughters in Skæring, north of Århus.